NOTE 1: Stoppage allows the instance to be stopped and re-started at a later time. Any previously computed BLAST results will still be available once the instance is re-started. AWS will only charge a small fee for storage of the data in an EBS volume.

NOTE 2: Stopping an instance will delete any of the available BLAST databases that were already downloaded. When the instance is re-started, the BLAST databases will be downloaded on demand.

NOTE 3: Termination of instance is permanent, all data stored in the instance is lost forever.

WARNING: You may want to download your BLAST results before terminating the instance, as once this is done, all the contents of the instance will be lost.

  1. Login to the AWS console.

  2. Identify the instance you would like stop OR terminate (tip: use the instance ID as a means to filter the listing of running instances). EC2 filter by IID

  3. Click on ‘Actions -> Instance State -> Stop’ OR ‘Actions -> Instance State -> Terminate’. EC stop terminate

  4. Confirm the Stop (4a) OR termination(4b). 4a4a 4b4b