One way to speed-up BLAST is to pre-load the BLAST database files into main memory. In the case of BLAST databases retrieved by remote-fuser, this pre-caching will trigger download of the database files on to local disk.

This can be achieved by running the command below on your instance:

/usr/bin/cat ${PATH_TO_BLAST_DATABASE_FILES} >/dev/null

For instance, to pre-cache the nucleotide nt database files, please run the command:

/usr/bin/ls /blast/blastdb/nt.*n{in,sq} | /usr/bin/xargs -P$(/usr/bin/grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo) -t -I{} /usr/bin/cat {} >/dev/null

The command above sends the output of the ls command to xargs to execute the cat command on multiple files in parallel.