The following BLAST databases are available in Google Cloud Storage (GCS) (data as of December 6, 2018). You can obtain an updated list of BLAST databases by running --showall pretty --source gcp.

If working on GCP, you can get these BLASTDBs following these instructions:

Name Title Size (GB) Last updated
GPIPE/10090/106/GCF_000001635.24_top_level Mus musculus GRCm38.p4 [GCF_000001635.24] chromosomes plus unplaced and unlocalized scaffolds 1.3150 2016-06-22
GPIPE/9606/109/GCF_000001405.38_top_level Homo sapiens GRCh38.p12 [GCF_000001405.38] chromosomes plus unplaced and unlocalized scaffolds 1.5668 2018-03-28
SMARTBLAST/landmark_v5 Landmark database for SmartBLAST 0.3628 2018-12-03
genomic/Viruses/NCBI_VIV_nucleotide_sequences_v5 NCBI VIV nucleotide sequences 62.6420 2018-12-04
genomic/Viruses/NCBI_VIV_protein_sequences_v5 NCBI VIV protein sequences 205.8316 2018-12-04
nr_v5 All non-redundant GenBank CDS translations+PDB+SwissProt+PIR+PRF excluding environmental samples from WGS projects 205.8268 2018-12-03
nt_v5 Nucleotide collection (nt) 62.6412 2018-12-03
pdb_v5 PDB protein database 0.1357 2018-12-04
rRNA_typestrains/prokaryotic_16S_ribosomal_RNA_v5 16S ribosomal RNA (Bacteria and Archaea) 62.6413 2018-12-04
ref_viroids_rep_genomes_v5 Refseq viroids representative genomes 0.0001 2018-12-03
ref_viruses_rep_genomes_v5 Refseq viruses representative genomes 0.0698 2018-12-03
refseq_protein_v5 NCBI Protein Reference Sequences 205.8493 2018-12-04
refseq_rna_v5 NCBI Transcript Reference Sequences 62.6473 2018-12-04
swissprot_v5 Non-redundant UniProtKB/SwissProt sequences 0.3575 2018-12-04
taxdb Taxonomy BLAST databases 0.1479 2018-12-03