An account is required with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As cloud providers rapidly change their product offerings, please consult their cloud documentation first.

  1. Start at the NCBI BLAST home page and click on “Use BLAST in the cloud”. BLAST home page

  2. Click on the AWS marketplace link. BLAST AMI link

  3. Click on ‘Continue to Subscribe’. (What does it mean to subscribe?) BLAST AMI Marketplace

  4. Login with your AWS credentials (requires sign up and credit card information). Marketplace Sign In

  5. Select ‘Launch with 1-click’ yellow button (circled in red, see 5a below).
    The 1-Click-Launch option is configured by default to start a m4.10xlarge instance (40 vCPUs, 160 GB RAM, EBS volumes, $2/hr), which is large enough (as of 06/08/2018) to run searches against the nr and nt BLAST databases and store the results in the instance’s local disk.
    NOTE: The following two screenshots may not reflect the most recent web interface for the AWS Marketplace.
    • Please use an instance with EBS volumes if you intend to stop or reboot the instance.
    • Start the instance in the us-east-1 region, as it is closest to NCBI and the BLAST database downloads will be the fastest. 5a5a
      Machine type can be changed using the area highlighted in green (see 5b below and adjusted hourly price). 5b5b
      NOTE: If you want to login to the instance via ssh, please be sure to set the proper Key Pair and open the required ports to enable access. If this is not needed, no worries! You can still access the web application via the web browser.
  6. A confirmation page will appear. To get the URL of your instance, follow the “Console” link (highlighted in red below). This is also accessible via the AWS console. Marketplace confirmation

  7. In the AWS console, follow the link to ‘Running Instances’. console running instances

  8. Identify your running instance. One way of achieving this is as follows:
    • Sort the instances by descending launch time (newest first); since yours is likely to be at/near the top.
    • Copy the public DNS for the machine and the instance ID. console public dns
  9. Paste the public DNS into your web browser. AMI authentication

  10. Click on ‘BLAST QUERY’ and in the ‘Sign in’ window enter: User name - ‘blast’ and Password - (instance ID from the previous step): AMI authentication Sign in

  11. You are all set! Run BLAST to your heart’s content :) AMI home page